The Only Real Estate Fund Manager’s Handbook That Has $600 Million in Research & Development Into It.

Here's what those investors wish they knew beforehand.

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Raising Real Money:

The Foundation Handbook for the Aspiring Real Estate Fund Manager


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Reviewed in the United States on July 28, 2017
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“This book has given me another and much better site for the future of my deals, company and the method of been a honest private lender with greater governance practices and processes. Well put together book and a wealth of information!” JULIO’S FIRE, Amazon

These Chapters Cover:

How to structure your real estate equity fund raises the correct way for each transaction type and real estate asset type. So you don’t have to overpay attorneys to research for you.

Fund incentive structures such as catch-up fees, promotes, waterfalls and management fees. So you can explain to your investors how beans are divided and how and when they get paid.

How to start up you emerging real estate fund: expenses and how and when the Fund Manager recaptures those expenses.

How to operate your fund: P&L, manage conflicts of interest, distribute proceeds to limited partners, and use unbiased
third-parties to keep you from making avoidable mistakes.

What are internal controls, governance, reporting, and investment committees. So know the answers in advance to the questions
and look like you’ve been here before.

Your Fund’s Lifetime: how deal with investor redemptions, perform orderly liquidations and how to wind it down. So you know the exit plan before getting married to your investors.

The tips, tricks and traps of fundraising, complete with a
90 Day Plan For Action. So you can get started today without
any hesitation taking advantage of the coming commercial
real estate crisis.

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